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LAKA Village, near the Black sea coast, BULGARIA

The village of Laka is huddled in southeastern Bularia, near ‘Pomoriisko’ lake. The village is conveniently located just 5 km away from the town of Pomorie, 20 km from Sunny Beach and 15 km from Burgas.

The village of Laka belongs to Pomorie municipality, Burgas region.

The town of Pomorie /the Pomorie municipality/ is situated at narrow rocky peninsula, 20 km away from Burgas, 18 from Sunny Beach and 8 km from Burgas Airport.

The Pomorie includes 17 settlements: the towns of Pomorie and Kableshkovo, the villages of Aheloi, Aleksandrovo, Belodol, Bata, Gaberovo, Goritza, Galabetz, Dabnik, Kamenar, Kosovetz, Kozichino, Laka, Medovo, Poroi, Stradin.

Ňhe aquatory of the Pomorie bay is a preferable place for yachting regattas and the wharf – for fishermen.

Besides the traditional occupations – vine-growing, wine producing, salt producing, the tourism in the region is developing extremely rapidly. Ňhe curative mud extracted from the salt-water lake is categorically proved as one of the best in the world. In the modern sanatorium here people from all four quarters of the world take successful treatments all year round.

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